They Were Fans of the Chef. Now They Run His Restaurant.

BUENA PARK, Calif. — The eateries along Beach Boulevard, a dusty extend in this Orange County suburb, are fundamentally known for their overwhelming tasteful: the huge dark fortification encasing Medieval Times, the eighteenth century Spanish vessel inside Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, and the thin neon guitar neck standing tall beside Rock and Brews.


So it’s not too wonderful that an Indian eatery sits inside a four-level, sandy pink Mission-style estate that used to be a Ripley’s Believe It or Not! exhibition hall.

Is astonishing this forcing building — its passageway directed by a statue of Buddha left from a past incarnation — has been housed the main American eatery from Sanjeev Kapoor, the most celebrated gourmet specialist in India. Mr. Kapoor runs his own 24-hour sustenance channel, facilitated one of the longest-running cooking appears in Asia and administers a multimillion-dollar domain finish with eatery establishments, cookbooks and underwriting bargains.

Considerably more uncommon are the general population Mr. Kapoor has run this place, called the Yellow Chili: Satvinder Ghotra and Kamal Kaur, a couple group who have never opened or run an eatery.

The couple say they have put all their cash in the business, quit their day employments and dream of opening Kapoor eateries on the Las Vegas Strip and in Los Angeles International Airport.

Why have they gone out on a limb on such a gigantic hazard? Basic. They’re the VIP culinary specialist’s greatest fans.

“Sanjeev Kapoor is the No. 1 gourmet specialist in India,” Mr. Ghotra proclaimed. “This isn’t only a side business. We are 100 percent gave.”

On a current Sunday evening, Mr. Ghotra, 46, and Ms. Kaur, 45, rushed into the eatery, which has been in delicate opening mode since August and will authoritatively open this spring. They had stopped their olive Maserati Levante so it extended more than two disabled spots.

Ms. Kaur, who talks quickly and for the most part in superlatives, was looking at getting her hair shaded at the salon, while Mr. Ghotra, the more repressed, information disapproved of half of the combine, unobtrusively sorted out the business cards at the host stand.

They introduced two youngsters, ages 9 and 10, into the back office, and exchanged the seven TV screens around the eatery to Food, Mr. Kapoor’s 24-hour TV station. Both Ms. Kaur and Mr. Ghotra have been watching his shows for a considerable length of time.

“All that I learned — Indian nourishment, Indian-Chinese, Indian-Thai — he showed me,” Ms. Kaur stated, indicating one of the TVs. “It resembles he’s a piece of the family at this moment!”

“Khana Khazana,” Mr. Kapoor’s most celebrated show (the title signifies “Nourishment Treasure”), propelled Mr. Ghotra to begin cooking as a youngster. He earned a graduate degree in movement and tourism at Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, a college in Indore, however subsequent to wedding Ms. Kaur and moving to the United States in 1998, he ended up in deals at the stone organization MS International. Ms. Kaur, who got a M.B.A. from Savitribai Phule Pune University, was working in promoting for a TV channel called PTC Punjabi.

In mid 2015, Ms. Kaur associated on Facebook with an old telecom partner, Satyaki Mukherjee, who oversees diversifying for Mr. Kapoor. Mr. Mukherjee specified that the gourmet specialist was keen on entering the American market with his midpriced, family-accommodating establishment, the Yellow Chili.

“I began contemplating how in Southern California, when Indian experts or family roll in from India, they need to eat Indian nourishment, yet there’s not a pleasant place to take them,” Ms. Kaur reviewed. Seeing the potential in opening an eatery with Mr. Kapoor’s name joined, the couple connected to end up full-time franchisees.

That November, they traveled to Mumbai to meet with Mr. Kapoor and his group. The first run through Ms. Kaur shook hands with the renowned gourmet specialist, she stated, “it was a similar inclination I got when Michael Jackson came to Mumbai.”

In a current meeting, Mr. Kapoor, 53, said he had been drawn closer finished the years by people keen on opening his eateries in America, however most were simply fans, with little sense for the substances of maintaining a business.

“Being a fan is really an adverse for me, on the grounds that those individuals feel that when you join with me, individuals will go to the eatery in light of my name,” he said. “When I meet with individuals, I paint a quite poor picture. I ask them, ‘When every other person is having some good times, are you O.K. working even on Christmas, Holi, Diwali?'”

Mr. Ghotra and Ms. Kaur were unique, he said. They were undeterred by the test.

“Determined is putting it mildly,” Mr. Kapoor said. “They were frantic. In any case, we require distraught individuals. We require that sort of enthusiasm. Opening an eatery is a greater duty than getting hitched. I could advise what this eatery intended to them. What’s more, they could eat well.”

Each of the 45 Yellow Chili areas around the world, incorporating branches in Oman and Canada, is intended to look pretty much the same within. The Buena Park inside is stripped-down and unbiased conditioned, more contemporary and moderate than vivid and Indian-propelled. Inside the passage is a high-differentiate highly contrasting picture of Mr. Kapoor.

The menu is overwhelmed by generous north Indian dishes that are marks of Mr. Kapoor, similar to the rich lentil stew Lalla Mussa Dal, and Shaam Savera, spinach-covered cheddar dumplings submerged in a thick tomato sauce. Mr. Ghotra and Ms. Kaur contracted the greater part of the eatery’s kitchen staff themselves, and after that the corporate cook for Mr. Kapoor’s organization, Pradipto Das, flew in to help with menu advancement and preparing.

However, the couple have their own thoughts regarding how best to engage the American market.

In the first place, they’re hoping to target just Indian-Americans, who might be more comfortable with the culinary specialist. “I would prefer not to pursue some other group,” Mr. Ghotra said. “This brand is so somewhere down in Indian personalities. However, for non-Indians who don’t have any acquaintance with him, it will take two or three years to develop that brand.”

Buena Park draws in crowds of voyagers to attractions like Knott’s Berry Farm, however the couple design rather to interest the vast Indian populaces in close-by urban communities like Irvine and Artesia. “On the off chance that 5,000 individuals come once per month and burn through $25, that is our earn back the original investment,” Ms. Kaur said.

The eatery will take part in South Asian wedding expos, neighborhood celebrations encompassing Indian occasions like Holi and Diwali, and occasions for gatherings of South Asian understudies. For the great opening, Ms. Kaur wants to welcome Indian-Americans in the zone for two days of ticketed meals and cooking exhibits highlighting Mr. Kapoor, who will fly in for the event.

The couple are likewise investigating turning the eatery’s adjoining dinner corridor — a sprawling space with disco balls, conspicuous ceiling fixtures and sparkling, pearl-white backdrop — into a club for youthful Indian-Americans. The eatery facilitated a New Year’s Eve get-together; the 350 tickets, valued from $100 to $125, sold out two weeks ahead of time.

They are pondering painting the outside white, to influence it to emerge more among the other flashy attractions in the territory. To loan an all the more top of the line feel, they’ve been trying a valet stopping administration, despite the fact that the eatery has its own 66-auto part.

“Individuals began whining, saying, ‘How might you have so much stopping, and after that I need to pay for it?'” Mr. Ghotra said. “Be that as it may, we are simply attempting to make a specific ordeal.”

Mr. Ghotra and Ms. Kaur say they have sunk nearly $1 million into the space. “We sold our home and a couple of different belonging,” Ms. Kaur said. “We told the children, ‘Your school cash is in there.'”

Notwithstanding overhead costs, they pay an establishment expense and month to month sovereignties to Mr. Kapoor’s organization. “Individuals stated, ‘You could open an eatery with $200,000 — why contribute near a million?'” Mr. Ghotra said. “This is on the grounds that we needed to make a brand.”

Neither sees this venture as a bet.

“Everyone sooner or later in time is associated with Sanjeev Kapoor,” Ms. Kaur said. “They see him on YouTube, they read the books. It’s an easy win. You don’t need to teach individuals. A hazard is the point at which you put in a million dollars and don’t get it ever. We know we will get our million, and with those elusive advantages appended.”

By “impalpable advantages,” Ms. Kaur was alluding to the big name that she trusts she and her significant other have accomplished as far back as they began partner with Mr. Kapoor.

“In my M.B.A. WhatsApp gathering, I am the star,” she said. “We simply need to be perceived. We need to make enough Benjamins, yet in the event that you are not perceived, what the hell?”

The couple name-dropped some of their latest eatery visitors, including the chairman of Artesia, Ali Sajjad Taj, and the proprietor of MS International, Mr. Ghotra’s previous boss, Manu Shah. “He is an extremely rich person!” Mr. Ghotra said of Mr. Shah. “He needed to take a photo with us. All the hotshots in the region need to shake hands with us.”

Ms. Kaur shouted, “We can go down in Wikipedia as the folks who got Sanjeev Kapoor to America!”

While Yellow Chili has been in delicate opening mode, local people have gradually been separating in, inquisitive to attempt the eatery when they see the Sanjeev Kapoor association.

Tushar Sobti used to visit the Yellow Chili in Jalandhar, where he grew up. He was eager to attempt the Buena Park area, at the end of the day felt that a portion of the dishes missed the mark. “Have a spoonful of Lalla Mussa Dal in India, and have a spoon of it here. It’s simply extraordinary,” he said. “I can’t clarify it. It’s more tasty in India.”

“Significantly more tasty,” included another youthful client, Ruchika Sinha, who had eaten at an alternate Yellow Chili in India.

Be that as it may, on catching wind of the terrific opening occasion highlighting Mr. Kapoor, Ms. Sinha’s eyes lit up. “Truly?

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