How I took 10 holidays in a single year for just £1,700 – and even flew business class

Like voyaging all the more however figure you can’t bear the cost of it – well reconsider.

Travel fan, Chelsea Dickenson, from Harringay, North London, set herself the test to go on 10 trips in a single year for spending plan of just £1,700 – and succeeded.


This is a large portion of the sum the normal Brit spends on vacations a year – a figure of £3,418, as per Trainline, the prepare ticket retailer. This figure was distributed in an examination toward the finish of December 2016.

By and large, the 28-year-old, whose normal everyday employment includes making radio documentaries, figured out how to burn through £1,704.45 on 10 occasions a year ago.

She additionally figuring out how to adhere to a large group of standards which she set for herself which made things considerably harder:


“My first trek of it was a winter sun break – a long end of the week in Valencia with my sweetheart, James Robinson,” said Chelsea.

“I looked for flights and got an incredible arrangement on Easyjet flights for just £62. I at that point paid £32.72 for my settlement at the Bloc Hotel Gatwick which I booked by means of lodging value examination site, Amoma, and £75 for my stay at the Hotel Balandret which I booked through

“I generally attempt and book settlement – and also other travel costs – through cashback site Topcashback , as this implies I can gain cashback as I spend. In this case, I could make £5.95 cashback on my stay at the Bloc Hotel Gatwick, and £8.15 on my stay at the Hotel Balandret. I likewise got my inn room overhauled which was a genuine reward.”

Chelsea’s best tip – ” If you need to get redesigned, email the lodging before you go disclosing to them the amount you are anticipating your excursion, and that it’s an ‘uncommon event’ – and that you are need to astonish your accomplice. This is all valid, as though you’re on vacation, at that point it is an uncommon event. You may be astounded at the outcome.”

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2. February 2017 – Four-night remain in Dubai, UAE – cost: £463.83

Second trek, second landmass (Image: howmanyholidays/Instagram)

“My second trek of it was a four-night remain in Dubai for a companion’s birthday. I looked for flights on Skyscanner and got it on an Emirates flight by means of BudgetAir for just £279.83. I at that point found a sensible condo by means of for which cost me £184.”

Chelsea’s best tip – “The most ideal approach to get a decent arrangement on flights is by utilizing a flight correlation site, for example, Skyscanner or Momondo . However, dependably check the firm on Trustpilot first – just to ensure it’s genuine.”

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3. Walk 2017 – Two night-remain in Aarhus, Denmark – cost: £43.33


“This excursion was a genuine deal, as I could get Ryanair flights for just £43.33 – and didn’t need to pay a penny for convenience, as I remained with a companion.”

Chelsea’s best tip – “Dependably think if there are companions you can tap up with the expectation of complimentary settlement for a night or two. In case you’re cheerful to think about a couch, you can truly minimize expenses, which means you have parts more cash to spend on exercises while you’re there.”

4. May 2017 – Two-night remain in Dublin, Ireland – cost: £79

All things considered, it would be discourteous not to (Image: howmanyholidays/Instagram)

“I took this outing to Dublin with my Mum, and keeping in mind that we were reserving it, Stena Line, the ship administrator, declared a blaze deal on St Patrick’s Day.

“As I had the majority of our points of interest prepared to go, I could jump immediately and eat up the offer. It just cost me £4 to get to Dublin by ship, and after that around £10 in petroleum, as my Mum took her auto.

“I paid only £65 for my convenience at Mec Hostel which I booked through Hostelworld , and furthermore got £6.34 cashback.”

Chelsea’s best tip – “Streak deals can offer extraordinary esteem, however can frequently be passed when you check in with the individual you’re wanting to movement with. In case you’re hoping to occasion in the following couple of months, the key is to have every one of your subtle elements to hand – and realize what dates would work for you and your gathering, so you can snatch an offer when you see it. It takes wanting to be unconstrained.”


5. June 2017 – Three-night remain in Benidorm, Spain – cost: £288

“This trek emerges for me, as it’s where I flew Business Class. Very few individuals understand this, however with British Airways, you can fly Business Class to Benidorm for just £216.

“As this implies you get BA relax access at the air terminal – and free liquor – alongside need loading up, and a four-course dinner on the plane, it is certainly justified regardless of the cost. It was likewise a genuine treat. My settlement at Pierre and Vacances Benidorm cost me £72 by means of – in addition to I got £5.54 cashback.”

Chelsea’s best tip – “Complete a touch of research into Business Class flights, as they don’t generally cost the earth – and can really work out truly great esteem when you factor in every one of the ‘complimentary gifts’ you get as a major aspect of the bundle.”

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“My 6th excursion of the year saw me holidaying somewhat nearer to home, in Margate – this time with James once more. I looked on the web and got a modest prepare ticket for just £13.30, yet with this outing, we made the greatest saving money on the convenience by abandoning it until extremely late to book over AirBnb.

“Only in front of the end of the week, we connected with the proprietor of somewhat level in Margate to check whether we could arrange an arrangement. The proprietor was satisfied to have the property possessed, so let us have the place at a major markdown of only £25 for the end of the week.”

Chelsea’s best tip – “On the off chance that you are set up to be receptive and unconstrained, at that point leave your AirBnb booking until the latest possible time, and check whether any proprietors are set up to offer you a deal.”

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7. August 2017 – Fourteen-night remain in Paris, France – cost: £50

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“This was one of my least expensive treks of the year, as our settlement was totally free as James and I joined to complete a feline sit through a house-sitting site called .

“Dissimilar to different locales, with Nomador, you don’t need to pay any participation expense. We absolutely lucked out and wound up in a marvelous three-bed house on the edges of Paris, around 10 minutes from the middle – taking care of an exquisite heckled Biscotte.

“We had addressed the proprietor a few times over email and WhatsApp before making a beeline for France, yet were still somewhat anxious about what’s in store when we turned up. Be that as it may, we needn’t have stressed, as the feline was anything but difficult to take care of – and we had a splendid fortnight in a stunning Parisian home.

“We likewise exploited an Eurostar bargain called ‘Eurostar Snap,’ where you simply pick the day you’d get a kick out of the chance to movement, and get distributed a modest arrangement. My prepare travel cost just £50.”

Chelsea’s best tip – “Look at house-sitting and feline sitting destinations, as you can get free convenience around the globe, insofar as you’re upbeat to take care of the odd creature or two.”

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8. October 2017 – Two-night remain in Gdansk, Poland – cost: £49

Going on a trek with a companion is one of life’s extraordinary joys (Image: howmanyholidays/Instagram)

“This two-night trek to Gdansk with a companion of mine was my most loved outing of the year. My companion lives in Manchester, however we worked out that it was less expensive to meet in Poland than it was in the UK, as you can fly there so efficiently.

“By looking on the web and discovering flights to Gdasnk for only £16 with Ryanair, and settlement at Prestige Apartments by means of for just £33 per individual – including £1.63 cashback – I could do this excursion for under £50.

“We remained in a lovely loft, and could eat and drink at some astonishing spots truly economically – you could get prosecco for just £2.”

Chelsea’s best tip –

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